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200ml Colorful Water Gel Screen Cleaning Kit
Item Number : SK/200/PVC
4CLEAN 200ml Forsted Water Gel Screen Cleaning Kit included
- 1x 200ml Water Gel Screen Cleaner.
- 1x 30x30cm High Quality Microfiber cloth.
- Color : Blue/Pink/Yellow/Green
- Scent : Fresh/Apple/Lemon/Mint
-Unique concentrated Water gel Formula
-No more drips and streak.
-Best performance to remove dirts.
-Alcohol & Ammonia Free.
-Safely for all kind of Screens  
-Perfect for all kind of large size screen such as LCD Monitor , CRT Monitor , LCD TV , PDP TV, Notebook .
-Personalize it with your company's info printed on the bottle.
-Made in Taiwan.
ITEM :  SK/200/PVC
Need to clean your LCD screen? Don’t want to risk scratches and streaks? Come clean with 4CLEAN Water Gel grade non abrasive blue gel formula anti-run, anti-static screen cleaning gel. Clearly the best screen cleaning substance in the industry. screen cleaning gel can create newfound clarity with any type of screen! And this smooth, high-performance gel does not run down the screen.  
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